Aquarium plants For Fish Tank

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All you need to know about aquarium plants in Australia Aquascaping Aquascaping is a highly popular and effortless technique to beautify your aquarium, and a splash of vibrant...
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Tank Setup

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Do you need a full setup? Understanding the needs of the fish you want will make choosing your tank . You can always customize your own setup  with our Heaters, Moss Mesh, Lights and More...
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Aquatic Fish

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Freshwater Fish For freshwater fish tanks, aquariums, and more, count on Aquafy for the best-quality, healthiest freshwater tropical fish species available. We have a wide variety of fish,...
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Aquatic Snails

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Aquarium snails are a great addition to most fish tanks are they are algae eaters and eat decomposing matter/detritus, but do not eat healthy plants. They are often found...
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