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Top 10 Easy Beginner Aquarium Plants


Planted aquariums have their natural beauty and the wonderful ability to take the toxicity produced by the waste of fish and that's what makes them more popular than ever. However, those who just started are so excited but then sadly fail in keeping their aquarium plants from dying.


If you are one of them, then this blog post is the right one for you. We bring you these top 10 easy beginner aquarium plants that are easy to grow and you can just purchase them here at Aquafy.


Java Fern

Java Fern, also known scientifically as Microsorum Pteropus, is widely known as one of the world's easiest beginner aquarium plants. This is widely grown in Southeast Asian bodies of water. It is most commonly used in fish tanks with its leaf structure, growth, and propagation. It is easy to adapt which makes it a suitable plant for any variety of tanks. Java Fern is a fantastic option for newbie aquarists. These plants can grow even without substrates.



Dwarf Sagittaria

This plant is so easy to grow. This is one of the known plants that are tolerable in waters with high pH levels. However, this needs to be planted in a rich substrate that is fertilized regularly. Its growth rate is so fast that you can almost notice it growing. It can create grass-like flooring at the bottom of your tank. If you wish not to spread much, you can trim the runners and transplant them into another aquarium.



Amazon Sword

This amazing water plant is popular with its sturdy roots and lush green leaves and that is why we consider this as one of the easy beginner plants. It can adjust and dwell great in any tank water conditions that have a pH level range of 6.0 - 7.5 An Amazon Sword Plant is a popular freshwater aquarium plant known for its vibrant green leaves with strong roots, making it a good choice for beginners. This kind of plant grows tall so ensure that you plant them at the rear part of the aquarium moss so they will not block other aquatic plants.



Anubias Nana

One of the easiest tank water plans to care for is the Anubias Barteri Nana. This is known due to its slow growth rate, broad leaves, and dark green coloration. It has non-typical characteristics such as low to medium required carbon dioxide, nutrients, and light. Its leaves can go wide by up to 5 inches. It grows so slowly that it will take up to 6 weeks for the new leaf to sprout.



Java Moss

The widely known, versatile, and beautiful Java Moss is also on our list of easiest beginner aquarium plants. It is a great add-on to your tank to add more green vibrancy. It can grow and adapt to any type of water. It loves to grow in moderate-warm water with a neutral pH level. What's interesting about this is that it does not need any substrate. These moss are lightweight and can be attached for up to 4 weeks in your tank.



Dwarf Hairgrass

One of the easiest carpeting plants known is the Dwarf Hairgrass. This easily grows with new leaves that sprout from its runners. Since it grows fast, it can cover all the substrate surfaces. Once it has achieved its ideal size, another growth encouragement is done through regular trimming.





In the water gardening world, this hardy plant called Hornwort is a great choice for beginner aquarium hobbyists that are not that lucky to have green thumbs. This keeps your tank and your fish healthier. It has fluffy stems that consume lots of nutrients from the water, which leads it to grow extremely fast, growing around 5 inches every week. This plant came originally from North America and it has spread worldwide except the continent of Antarctica.


Christmas Moss


Easy to propagate and easy to care for - Any beginner hobbyist will love to add Christmas Moss to their aquarium. It is a great ground cover hardy plant. This can survive any aquarium parameters. This moss needs only low to medium lighting and a pH level from 5 to 7.5 When it comes to temperature, this plant loves to live in water at 21-24 degrees Celsius.



An easy-going aquatic plant, Vallisneria, goes very well in different parameters. These plants love alkaline water and so they can even survive in any brackish water condition. It grows fast that it can go to compost so often. It requires very little to no light and can grow without CO2. It can grow with any fertilizer type making it a great choice for low-tech plants.



Bacopa Caroliniana

One interesting fact about Bacopa Caroliniana is that it needs no bright light to make it healthy. CO2 is crucial to its growth and with the help of C)2 injection, it will grow healthier and more beautiful. This is a great beginner hardy aquatic plant. However, it has fragile leaves which are so delicate to handle.



There are tons of advantages to adding these greeneries to your aquarium. They add beauty and shelter to your fish. They help filter tank water naturally and help your aquatic pets breed.


So if you have just started your journey in aquascaping, then these top 10 easy beginner aquarium plants deserve a space in your tank. Just visit our shop at to see more of these plants for your tanks.


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