Top 10 Easiest Red Plants to Keep

Top 10 Easiest Red Plants to Keep


Having an aquarium for the first time is an exciting journey and confusing especially when you are in the middle of choosing the right tank plants. From choosing the right size of the tank to the species of aquatic pets, down to the right aquarium plant, this new aquascaping journey is a real struggle yet really satisfying.

So, if you are looking at which red plants are next in line to be added to your aquarium, let us share with you these top 10 easiest red plants to keep. Let’s get started!

Top 10 Easiest Red Plants to Keep

Red Root Floaters


Also known as Phyllantus Fluitans, this fern plant is widely used by aquascaping enthusiasts because of its easy maintenance and deep roots. It is super easy to take care of this plant. It can thrive in any water with a wide pH level content with low or high lighting.


However, it is noticed that it can't go well with high levels of agitation of the water surface, so it requires gently flowing water. This plant has a high growth rate and can quickly, and widely spread in good water conditions, so if you can't keep your eyes on it, you will get surprised at how fast it fills your tank with thick leaves floating on your aquarium's surface.

Rotala Blood Red

This versatile Rotala Blood Red plant can grow in either immersed or submerged planting conditions; however, it requires a transition period. But, its red color only pops out when this aquarium plant is healthy and well-provided with the right nutrients, making it a happy plant.


Just like other Rotala species, this plant needs CO2 injection, soft water, a good amount of lighting, and nutrient-dense, fertilized aquarium soil. For you to keep its red compact and nice, it needs to have regular trimming. And these trimmings can be used for another batch of propagation.

Super Red Ludwigia Sp Mini

With such a very quick and easy propagation, Ludwigia Natans Super-Red is known to be an easy red plant to take care of. When maintained in good condition, this plant can be propagated using just a few stems. When they grow in lean conditions, they grow in a smaller size.

When they are planted in a very rich environment, the leaves are larger and the topside and underside of their leaves are completely vibrant red. It is not picky with water parameters but it needs a good lighting condition to have great coloration.

Rotala Rotundifolia

You can plant Rotala Rotundifolia out of its trimmings from its stems. Taking care of this plant is super easy and its propagation is so rapid. Regular pruning is required because when it is left untrimmed, it will leave your aquarium too crowded and bushy. It grows well with any water conditions and parameters.


The only thing to monitor is its rapidly-growing leaves. Even though fish love swimming in a jungle-like crowded aquarium, pruning it to allow more sufficient space will make your aquarium well-balanced.

Ludwigia Inclinata Var. Cuba

This beautifully large plant is one of the easiest red plants to keep even though they are in yellow flowers. This can be grown, immersed, or submerged and the leaves can glow in brownish red under a good amount of lighting. The propagation and cultivation of this plant is simple, yet it is highly recommended to be supplemented with CO2. You can just take some cuttings from its main stem and have it replanted into the substrates.

Alteranthera Reinekii Mini

Alteranthera Reinekii Mini can be grown in both submerged or emerged conditions. This plant can grow up to 8 inches in height. The number one factor for its fast growth is the intensity of the light and the amount of CO2 supplementation.

This plant is a great choice, especially for the aquascaping beginner who is looking for colored plants. Aside from requiring a strong light and CO2 injection, it is highly suggested to plant it with a good quality substrate. Also, this can be easily maintained by trimming the leaves regularly.

Rotala Wallichi

Rotala Wallichii is a very popular plant. Although, it's not that quite easy to cultivate, yet, this elegant plant can dwell in a soft acidic water tank.

Another great thing about this plant is that it needs no CO2 injection, yet it needs a balanced nutrient supply and lots of high light. The greater the intensity of the light, the more intense the color will pop up.

Echinodorus Red Flame Sword

Another very hardy aquatic plant, Echinodorous, requires to be planted in a nutrient-dense substrate like sand, gravel, or soil for it to thrive well because of its heavy roots.

The substrates used should be thick enough for them to be deeply rooted for the roots to get the right nutrients. This kind of red plant grows largely over time, so they need to be placed inside a large-sized aquarium.

Bacopa Caroliniana Yellow Flame

One of the best beginner choices of hardy tank plants, Bacopa Caroliniana, takes some time to grow but will make a great add-on to your tank when established well. This is a fast-growing plant that can grow up to 10 inches tall when untrimmed, especially with high lighting.


This can even thrive exceptionally well under low lighting and can grow well even without a CO2 injection. However, they have fragile leaves that must be handled with extra care.

Hygrophila Polysperma Sunset Rosanervig

This plant has little to no demand, which makes it interestingly one of the easiest plants to keep. Growing this red Hygrophila plant is so simple because it can grow in almost any water condition. It is very tolerable in any type of water but you can give it a bit of mineral supplement if you want. You can plant this using soil, sand, or gravel.

Propagating this plant is so easy. Just a simple pinch of the stem or a single leaf can be planted directly into the substrate. Leaving it in a good space can make it grow and spread fast, which can lead to overcrowding of other plants.

What's In It For You?

All of these red freshwater plants can be bought in different shapes and can fit any size of your tank. Keeping these gems is not that complicated. However, it takes a thorough study and a bit of patience for them to thrive in any water tank conditions.

When you get the right blend of these plants with the right aquatic plants, this will surely bring out an amazing and awesome-looking aquarium moss. Want to have some of these red beauties? Just choose from any of our Red Plants Collection and enjoy shopping!

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