Top 10 Beginner Plants in the Fish Tank

Top 10 Beginner Plants in the Fish Tank


When setting up your fish tank, don't just focus on your fish pets alone. These water creatures love to dwell in an enchanting, colorful, and happy aquarium with the help of aquatic plants.

Aquarium plants provide amazing benefits to your fish such as combating algae growth, absorbing the CO2, and providing oxygen, making the entire fish community happy and healthy.

If you have started setting up your new little oceanic kingdom, then consider picking any of these top 10 beginner plants in the fish tank.


1. Rare Micro Java Fern

Java ferns are easy to grow even when it is placed in a low-light aquarium. This plant does not need fertilizer to grow, and it absorbs all the nutrients like nitrates and CO2 from the water. It is a freshwater plant that can also stand in salty water with a salinity level of 1.009.

This is a good choice for decorating your tank when placed in the middle ground or background. It can grow bushy, so you have to plant them some distance within the tank.


2. Christmas Moss

It's simply easy to keep the Christmas Moss alive. Christmas Moss loves the flowing fresh water with the cool temperature ranging from 65°F to 77°F. They will turn brown moss when the water temperature is warm and when it is not flowing. In order for this plant to thrive, keep it in bright light, and you will see this plant grow faster than being kept in low light.

3. Flaming Red Azolla

Azolla loves shade and light, which is 30-50% for photosynthesis. This is a water-based crop that also needs some chemical fertilizers like Phosphorus and Farmyard manure in order to grow well. However, the main factor in its growth is sunlight. It needs humidity to grow to range from 85 to 90%.

4. Subwassertang

Subwassertang plant is best planted in water with a cold temperature of 20 – 24 °C and can thrive well in pH levels of 6-8. This plant can also tolerate any range of water hardness.


It is easy to propagate the Subwassertang plant. All you have to do is to shear off some segments from the mother plant. It should measure one or two inches with some leaves on it so that it can grow well without the support of the mother plant.



5. Pearl Weed "Hemianthus Micranthemoides"


It doesn't have to be complicated and expensive in taking care of Pearl Weed Plant because it certainly grows in any water condition. But if your goal is to achieve optimal growth, consider carbon dioxide levels, pH levels, and even the appropriate lighting.


The Hemianthus micranthemoides requires strong lighting with good nutrients through its leaves and substrate. You can propagate this plan easily by splitting the plant into portions. Then, you can transplant them into your aquarium using small tweezers.


6. Duckweed

Duckweed is known to grow so quickly. It tolerates high light and floats on the surface of hard or soft water. It does not grow well when your aquarium water has a strong current.


If you wish to propagate the duckweed, you can do it by cultivating it in a separate container. It loves being under full sunlight and it can tolerate a wide range of pH levels.

7. Guppy Grass "Najas Guadalupensis"

You can manage the growth of your guppy grass in two easy ways. First is by taking care of a fish that eats the grass as it grows. The second is by manually trimming the grass.

Fish and shrimp breeders love fast-growing aquatic plants such as guppy grass. This plant helps increase oxygen levels in the water and provides habitat and shelter for newly hatched baby shrimp larvae. It also helps control algae growth.

8. Java Fern

Java Fern loves exposure to sunlight for at least 6 hours and not more than 12 hours a day. It is very easy to grow a Java Fern and you don't need an expensive setup to take care of it.

This plant has different variations in textures and shapes that perfectly make your aquascaping more fun and interesting. This is an awesome add-on to your aquarium that you and your fish would love to have.

9. Java Moss

In most aquariums, Java Moss is commonly found. This is easy to grow, and it can even be added to the branches inside the tank. It does not really need any particular substrate. What it really needs is strong high lighting.


You will notice that it will grow so fast because the light itself is the main factor responsible for its growth. This plant loves strong water currents, and pH-neutral warm water in order to grow successfully.

10. Hornwort

This plant needs medium to high light in order to successfully thrive. It grows fast when exposed to high lighting and it gets so attractive and beautiful when decorated in your fish tank. If your Hornwort grows uncontrollably and blocks out light, you can simply prune it. If you notice that your plant is dying, the reason could be poor lighting or dirty tank water.

You have all the chance to successfully set up your fish tank with this newbie-friendly, curated collection of aquatic plants. For you to shop for these plants with ease, just take a look at this and see what's in store for you!

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