Basic Tips to Achieve a Minimalist Fish Tank

Basic Tips to Achieve a Minimalist Fish Tank


Have you noticed, when you visit a local aquatic shop, that the tanks are kept sparse? Some of these tanks have very few artificial plants but no large decorations. This is to ensure that the tank itself has enough room to accommodate the fish. 

First, make your tank shine.

Before putting substrate in your tank, wash it thoroughly. Get rid of any dust and unwanted dirt, like contaminants and loose dyes. You can use a mesh colander or a piece of cheesecloth for the gravel. Then, you can put a small batch of gravel in it and rinse it thoroughly with lukewarm water. Repeat the process several times instead of washing them all at once. 

If you want to create a beautiful tank for your tank fish, you have to strike a balance between leaving the tank enough space and over-decorating. Here are the basic things you can do in order to achieve a minimalist look in your tank.

  • Select aquarium decor that is proportional to the measurement of your tank. If you have a large  tank, you can use small bits of decoration.
  • Do not overcrowd your tank with too many decorations. You can choose one piece of large decoration and then accentuate it with smaller decorations around the tank. 
  • Choose decorations of different sizes. It will help your tank look attractive if it has decorations of different colors and sizes.
  • Give it a natural backdrop of live or artificial plants along the back wall of the tank. Use tall aquarium plants along the wall and shorter plants and carpet plants in order to create a layer effect. 
  • Be brave and use the vertical space in your tank instead of laying different driftwood pieces flatly in the tank. Put them against the tank wall or have a pile of aquarium rocks. 
  • Do not place too many decorations in the center of the tank. Leave some open space for them to swim around. 

The abovementioned tips are the basic and simple ones, and when you do this, you will achieve a minimalist, balanced, decorated tank.

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