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Can Red Cherry Shrimp Coexist with Guppies?


One of the most common questions I receive from fellow fishkeepers is, "Can red cherry shrimp coexist with guppies?" It might sound like a classic pairing, but whether this combination will work depends on several factors.

In this blog, we'll explore the compatibility of red cherry shrimp and guppies and the key considerations for their successful cohabitation. We're here to address this intriguing and frequently asked question about the harmony between red cherry shrimp and guppies.

The Compatibility Puzzle

In my experience, red cherry shrimp and guppies can indeed share the same aquatic habitat harmoniously, but it's not without some conditions. While guppies are not ferocious predators, large female guppies can easily make a meal out of smaller red cherry shrimp. Most adult guppies can also snack on baby shrimp. Therefore, for this cohabitation to work effectively, you'll need to ensure ample hiding places for your red cherry shrimp.

The Role of Live Aquatic Plants

So, what's the secret to making this combination thrive? The answer lies in the use of live aquatic plants. Whenever I keep red cherry shrimp alongside guppies, I make it a point to densely plant the aquarium. You don't need a professionally landscaped tank; a few bunches of plants like water wisteria erectus can work wonders. Java moss is another favorite of mine. These plants provide countless hiding spots for red cherry shrimp, shielding them from the prying eyes of hungry guppies.


The Baby Shrimp Conundrum


If you are curious if guppies will devour the baby shrimp, the answer is, yes they will. But, the number of baby shrimp consumed depends on how large your tank is. 


It's essential to note that guppies will even feast on their own fry if there aren't sufficient hiding places. Therefore, the key to success in this scenario is ensuring that your tank offers plenty of hiding spots for the shrimp and their offspring.

Similar Water Parameters

One of the reasons red cherry shrimp and guppies make a great pair is their compatibility in terms of water parameters. Both species thrive in similar conditions, making it easier to maintain a shared tank. They prefer a water temperature ranging from 76 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit (24.5 to 26.5 Celsius) and are comfortable in water with a pH level between 7 and 8. They can tolerate variations on either side of these numbers. Both guppies and red cherry shrimp appreciate hard water, so if your tap water contains ample dissolved minerals, that's even better.

Hardy Companions

Both guppies and red cherry shrimp are known for their hardiness. If you occasionally slip on your routine aquarium maintenance, these two species are likely to forgive you. They don't require meticulous care to thrive, which makes them an excellent choice for aquarists of various skill levels.

Benefits of the Combination

Adding red cherry shrimp to your existing guppy tank offers several advantages.

1. Efficient Cleanup Crew - Red cherry shrimp help keep your tank clean by consuming leftover food and even breaking down guppy waste, making it easier for your filter to process.

2. Colorful Addition - The bright red color of red cherry shrimp adds an extra layer of color and interest to your aquarium, creating a striking contrast to the vibrant hues of your guppies.

3. Algae Control - Red cherry shrimp also contribute to controlling algae in the tank. While they won't eradicate a severe algae issue, they serve as a preventative measure to keep your guppy tank algae-free.

Feeding Red Cherry Shrimp

It's important to remember that red cherry shrimp, often considered part of the cleanup crew, still need to be fed. Consider providing them with sinking foods like algae wafers to ensure they receive proper nutrition.

On that note, we can confidently say that red cherry shrimp and guppies can thrive together in an aquarium, provided you set up the tank correctly. This harmonious coexistence offers numerous benefits, from effective waste management to enhancing the aesthetics of your tank.

If you're currently breeding guppies or contemplating it, adding a colony of red cherry shrimp to breed in the same tank can boost your earnings. With the right hiding places and a well-planned setup, a 20-gallon guppy breeding tank can yield hundreds of red cherry shrimp. Keep in mind that when introducing red cherry shrimp to an existing guppy tank, it's crucial to do so carefully to ensure their safety.

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