Ghost Shrimp and Why You Should Keep Them in Your Aquarium


Ghost Shrimp and Why You Should Keep Them in Your Aquarium

If you are wondering whether to keep a ghost shrimp in your aquarium or not then you are in the right place! Because today we are going to discuss everything about ghost shrimp. Starting from why you should keep them in your aquarium to how you can take care of them. 

Ghost shrimp is a very famous choice for aquatic animals and it is called glass shrimp. These shrimp are very easily available at local freshwater tanks, pet stores or aquarium shops. There are various kinds of ghost shrimp that can be kept in an aquarium and they are completely safe. Normal to large size any freshwater aquarium is mostly an ideal place to keep ghost shrimps. 

These little creatures provide live nutrition to other fish and are beneficial to aquariums with large tank purifiers. In addition, the new aquarists will enjoy keeping these fun creatures in their aquariums. The unique look, calm disposition and vibrant nature of ghost shrimp make them a good choice.

Reasons Why You Should Keep Ghost Shrimp in Your Aquarium

There are many reasons why you should keep ghost shrimp in your aquarium because it does not matter if you are a new aquarist or someone who has a great knowledge of the same. Therefore, below given are some top reasons which put ghost shrimp at the top of the great addition to the aquarium list!

  • Eye-catching appearance Ghost shrimp typically have transparent bodies to avoid predators. And as the name suggests their transparent or ghostly appearance makes it possible to see their internal body function when they eat food. This is one of the major reasons why they make a great addition to a freshwater aquarium. Apart from the common transparent look, other species of ghost shrimp have colorful dots on their backs. In addition, they come in various sizes, most commonly 1.5 inches.
  • Cleans off the debris: Another reason why you must consider keeping ghost shrimp in your aquarium. As natural scavengers, these shrimp consume algae, uneaten food bits, rotten debris etc. By consuming these things, ghost shrimp help keep the aquarium clean and tidy. It is common for this shrimp and other species in your aquarium to leave food uneaten. They are later eaten by ghost shrimps after falling into the aquarium. You'll see them eating constantly if you observe closely and that is how they help keep the tank/aquarium clean.
  • Easy to take care of: The main thing which any aquarist looks for when they decide to keep any animal in their aquarium is the time they have to spend on maintenance. And ghost shrimp is a perfect choice if you are looking for a low-maintenance aquatic creature. Despite their ease of maintenance, ghost shrimp are sensitive but that is not of any concern. Their survival does not require any special treatment, care, environment, food etc. To ensure proper growth and healthy life for them, you simply need to maintain some factors appropriately like not keeping aggressive fish in the tank, maintaining a proper water parameter etc.
  • Keeps algae away: One of the most common problems which aquarium owners face is algae deposition. It is natural for algae to grow in a freshwater aquarium because they are common aquatic organisms. A tank environment that is too enriched with it can be unsuitable and unhealthy. Maintaining a low level of algae requires hard work as well as removing them but if you have ghost shrimp in your aquarium you don’t do it manually. The primary food source for this shrimp is algae. That is why it serves as one of many benefits of keeping ghost shrimp in your aquarium.

  • Tips to Take Care of Ghost Shrimp in a Freshwater Aquarium

    Below are some common tips you must keep in mind if you decide to keep ghost shrimp in your aquarium:

    • Make sure you have a proper water parameter in your aquarium.
    • Keep some live plants in your aquarium.
    • Install a covered or sponge filter in your aquarium. 
    • Go for a 5-10 gallon freshwater aquarium.
    • Don’t overcrowd your aquarium with aggressive fishes and multiple species of ghost shrimp. 

    Lastly, we hope after reading this article you get a fair idea about everything related to ghost shrimp and have decided to keep them in your aquarium. Just like any other aquatic animal, these will also take some time to adjust to the environment inside the aquarium but once they are settled they add to the beauty of your tank. 

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