Lazy Aquascaping: Simple Secrets to Stunning Aquariums

Lazy Aquascaping: Simple Secrets to Stunning Aquariums


In this blog post, we'll explore a unique aquascaping journey and a no-nonsense approach to liquid fertilizers.


Liquid Fertilizers: Keeping It Simple

For the past several years, some people have been using complete liquid fertilizers in their aquascapes. Currently, we are promoting fertilizers from LCA (Liverpool Creek Aquarium) , a brand that's been making waves in the aquarium world. Their preference for all-in-one fertilizers comes from a desire to maintain a straightforward and low-maintenance routine.


Experience the benefits of LCA's All-in-One Shrimp Safe Liquid Fertilizer—an exceptional concentrated solution that nourishes your plants with vital micro and macro nutrients, fostering their healthy growth without posing any harm to delicate invertebrates such as shrimp. 


Black Beard Blast Fertiliser  

This specialized solution is specifically designed to combat the growth of algae, including persistent types like Black Beard Algae (BBA), while simultaneously promoting lush and vibrant foliage in aquarium plants. By following a full dosing regimen of three times per week for one week, you can expect to witness a decline in the presence of black beard algae.


Shrimp Safe Micro Mix Fertiliser 

LCA Micro Mix Shrimp Friendly is a concentrated solution that supplies a broad range of trace elements demonstrated to be necessary for proper plant growth. This solution is safe for invertebrates such as shrimp.
LCA's Micro Mix may be used alone or in conjunction with LCA's NPK. Best results are obtained when both are used. Full 3x per week dosing provides enough micro nutrients for even the most demanding tanks.


Nitrogen Fertiliser

Used in large quantities by aquatic plants, Nitrogen is one of the three main nutrients (called macro nutrients) central to plant growth. It is usable by aquatic plants in the form of Nitrate, Ammonium and Urea. Nitrogen is one of the most basic and critical building blocks of plant protein, and is crucial for production of chlorophyll, nucleic acids and plant hormones. It is the macronutrient that is absorbed in the largest amounts by aquatic plants. 

Uneaten food, animal waste and plant rests release ammonium, and filter bacteria convert it to nitrate. However, in tanks with low to medium bio-load and reasonable plant mass nitrogen typically needs to be supplemented with fertiliser. This is especially true in high-tech aquariums.


Aquarium Root Tabs ( Slow release ) 

LCA Root Tabs, featuring a slow-release formulation, are meticulously designed to provide essential micro and macro nutrients for robust and vibrant plant growth. These tabs offer the added advantage of specifically targeting root-feeding plants within your aquarium, ensuring their nutritional needs are met for lush and healthy development.

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