5 Best Low-Light Aquarium Plants

5 Best Low-Light Aquarium Plants


If you are new to aquascaping and you have a low-tech planted aquarium, then this post is for you. First, let’s know what does low light mean for aquatic plants?

Low light means a common light source in the aquarium with less than 1.5 watts for each gallon of water. Lots of slow-growing and hardy aquarium plants need a very low light level to grow. 

How Much Light Do Low-Light Tank Plants Need?

The level of light that your growing aquarium plants need depends on their species. Generally, low-light aquatic plants require about 10 to 12 hours of light every day. However, it depends on what plants you are growing and what type of light you give to them. 

Low-light aquatic plants are beneficial to your tank for some reasons. It’s also easy to take care of it. Apart from being an ornamental aquatic plant that adds beauty to your tank, it has a lot of advantages such as preventing drastic algae growth. 


5 Best Low-Light Aquarium Plants

We have listed below the best low-light aquarium plants. These are durable with a minimal light requirement that is perfect for a newbie aquarist. These have proven to get along with other plants in different water conditions. This way, the aquarists can have the freedom in maintaining the health of their aquatic pet.  

  1. Sagittaria

This plant has a rapid growth rate. It is recommended to plant them 2 to 4 centimeters apart from each other to guarantee healthy growth. It can grow for up to 50 centimeters with a very low light requirement. 

 A beautiful vibrant forest green colored aquarium plant that requires minimal light. They are originally from America. They are known because it is undemanding and low-light aquariums are ideal for them.


  1. Java Moss



This plant has a moderate growth rate and it depends on its tank environment. Its low-light environment makes it grow longer java moss leaves in the long run. That is why it is important to trim your java moss plant regularly. Its ideal length is 4 inches. It demands low to high light and no CO2 required. 

Java moss is one of the most popular plants that require low light, especially those that have fry. Fishes like the guppies are being fed by the Java Moss fry. It can also serve as a hiding place for the young fish. 

  1. Anubias

Anubias Barteri can grow a leaf for up to 3 weeks or more. It is one of the widely known Anubias Aquarium strains that can have a length of up to 12 inches. It requires low light demand and no CO2 required. 

This plant is native to Africa. It is known as one of the loveliest leaves in terms of aquatic plants. And one of the reasons it is an easy plant suitable for beginners is that it does not need a substrate to plant because the leaves themselves draw nutrients.  

  1. Java Fern

Aquatic Arts Java Fern - Huge 3 by 5 inch Mat with 30 to 50 Leaves - Live Aquarium Plant

 Java ferns have a rapid growth rate yet depend on a variety of factors such as high lighting conditions and great CO2 which are evident in speeding up their growth. It tends to grow in any water environment. It can grow for up to 12 inches. They are generally known to have very low maintenance. 

 Its unique leaf features make it easy to identify. And they are widely found in rivers and waterfalls. They grow more in exposed roots rather than being planted in substrates.

  1. Hygrophila

Hygrophila has impressive rapid growth especially when they are exposed to a good amount of light. However, the only thing to keep it from growing so fast is by adjusting the lighting to a low mode. It can grow for up to 24 inches so a pruning process will keep its standard size. 

These plants are hardy. They come from Asia and usually act as a background plants. You do not need to have plenty of this to propagate.  

They grow well when planted on the substrate and they need a fair distance from one another. A full-formed stretched leaves can be pruned to be planted and propagated. 



Final Thoughts About Low-Light Aquarium Plants

These are just a few selections of low-light aquarium plants. It’s important to find the plants that fit your aquarium best. What makes each plant succeed, is another important factor to keep in mind when you’re looking for low-light aquarium plants.




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