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My Comprehensive Guide in Breeding Guppies


Tank Size and Setup

For breeding Guppies, I recommend using a 10 to 20-gallon tank. It is important to have a suitable filter, preferably a sponge filter, to prevent fry from getting caught in the current. The inclusion of plants, such as guppy grass or water sprite, provides ideal hiding spots for the fry.

Tank Temperature

I prefer maintaining a temperature between 75 and 82 degrees Fahrenheit for Guppies. Personally, I find 78 degrees Fahrenheit to be ideal, ensuring a balanced ratio of male to female Guppies and successful breeding.

Purpose of Breeding

Consider your motivation for breeding Guppies—whether for fun, creating new strains, or maintaining existing ones. I stress the necessity of multiple tanks to preserve strain purity and discuss the importance of finding homes for the offspring.

Ratio of Guppies

While the common recommendation is one male to two females, I suggest a 3 to 1 ratio initially to reduce stress on the females. Once the tank is established, a lower male-to-female ratio can be maintained.

Quarantine and Health

Newly acquired Guppies should undergo quarantine. I follow a practice of treating tanks with general cure and erythromycin, placing particular emphasis on health monitoring, especially for fish intended for sale or diversifying strain genetics.


A varied diet is essential for Guppies, encompassing ground pellets, baby shrimp, Daphnia, and gel food. I highlight the versatility of gel food, suitable for both adults and tiny fry.

Breeding Behavior

Observing changes in the female's appearance, such as a gravid spot and square-like appearance, indicates pregnancy. I recommend separating males during the birthing process to protect fry from being eaten by the father.

Fry Care and Diet

Fry require small, easily consumable foods like baby brine shrimp or ground-up gel. My method of catching and raising the first batch separately for better survival rates.

Tank Maintenance

Increased tank maintenance is necessary as the population grows. I recommend two water changes per week for tanks with multiple Guppies and fry.

Finding Homes for Fry

Considering an outlet for the growing number of fry is crucial. I encourage you to explore options like local fish stores or fish clubs.

Options like all-male Guppy tanks or female-only tanks are presented as alternatives for those who appreciate these beautiful fish without the added challenge of breeding.

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