Ramshorn Snail Species Spotlight: Exploring Different Varieties


Ramshorn snails are fascinating and beneficial additions to aquariums, known for their distinctive shell shape and peaceful nature. With their characteristic spiral shells resembling ram's horns, these snails come in various species and varieties.


In this article, we will explore different varieties of Ramshorn snails, highlighting their unique characteristics, habitat preferences, and compatibility with different aquarium setups. By delving into the world of Ramshorn snail species, you can gain a deeper appreciation for these captivating aquatic creatures.

  1. Red Ramshorn Snail (Planorbella duryi) The Red Ramshorn Snail is perhaps the most well-known and sought-after variety. As the name suggests, it displays a vibrant red or pinkish hue in its shell. These snails are highly adaptable and can thrive in various water conditions, including freshwater and slightly brackish setups. Red Ramshorn Snails are known for their ability to reproduce quickly, so it's essential to manage their population if necessary. They are peaceful and can coexist with other snail species and non-aggressive fish.

  2. Brown Ramshorn Snail (Planorbella sp.) The Brown Ramshorn Snail is characterized by its shell coloration, which can range from light brown to dark brown. It is a hardy species that can tolerate a wide range of water parameters, making it suitable for different aquarium setups. Brown Ramshorn Snails are efficient algae eaters and contribute to maintaining a clean and balanced aquatic environment. They are peaceful creatures and can peacefully coexist with other snail species and most community fish.

  3. Blue Ramshorn Snail (Planorbella sp.) The Blue Ramshorn Snail is a stunning variety that captivates with its shell coloration, ranging from deep blue to teal. This variety is highly popular among aquarists due to its striking appearance. Blue Ramshorn Snails thrive in freshwater aquariums with stable water parameters and a healthy plant ecosystem. They are excellent algae eaters and can contribute to maintaining water quality. Blue Ramshorn Snails are peaceful and can be kept with other snail species and peaceful fish.

  4. Pink Ramshorn Snail (Planorbella sp.) The Pink Ramshorn Snail exhibits a delicate pink or peach-colored shell, adding a touch of elegance to aquariums. This variety prefers slightly alkaline water conditions and can adapt well to various tank setups. Pink Ramshorn Snails are efficient scavengers, consuming detritus and decaying plant matter. They are generally peaceful and can coexist with other snail species and non-aggressive fish.

  5. Black Ramshorn Snail (Marisa cornuarietis) The Black Ramshorn Snail, also known as the Giant Ramshorn Snail, is distinct from other varieties due to its larger size and dark brown to black shell coloration. It requires slightly warmer water temperatures compared to other Ramshorn snail species. Black Ramshorn Snails are known for their voracious appetite for algae, making them valuable additions to tanks with algae issues. They are generally peaceful but can be more active and may require ample space in the aquarium.

  6. Wild-type Ramshorn Snail (Planorbella sp.) The Wild-type Ramshorn Snail refers to the natural coloration and pattern of Ramshorn snails found in the wild. Their shells typically display a mix of brown, tan, and sometimes red hues. Wild-type Ramshorn Snails exhibit similar characteristics to other Ramshorn snail species, including their peaceful nature and algae-eating behavior. They are adaptable and can thrive in a variety of water conditions.


Exploring the different varieties of Ramshorn snails reveals a world of unique colors and characteristics that add charm and vibrancy to aquariums. From the striking red of the Red Ramshorn Snail to the elegant blue of the Blue Ramshorn Snail, each variety offers something special to aquatic enthusiasts.


Understanding the specific habitat preferences, compatibility, and behavior of each species allows aquarists to make informed choices when incorporating Ramshorn snails into their tanks. Whether you're seeking efficient algae control or admiring their beauty, Ramshorn snails are delightful and beneficial additions to any aquatic setup.

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