The Basics of Red Aquarium Plants


Isn't it beautiful to look at a tiny aquatic world filled with adorable deep crimson leaves with a striking green lushful leaves played around by the colorful shrimps and fish gracefully through the water. Such ethereal charm surely attrracts the hearts of the aquascaping hobbyists like the red aquarium plants: Rotala Florida , Alternanthera Reineckii, and Super Red Ludwigia.

One remarkable characteristics of the red plants is their ability to become a center of attraction within a tank. It's vibrant red colors create a passion and tranquil ambience. Its warm and strong tones show creativity making it an ideal choice for both the newbie aquarists and the long-time ones.


Benefits of Red Aquarium Plants

It is undeniable that its aesthetic appeal is its main contribution to any tank. Red aquatic plants are also responsible to the absorption of the extra nutrients in the tank which helps minimize the risk of algae growth. It has a natural filtration process that helps achieve a more clean, well-balanced, clearer tank.


These pretty red plants can be a good hiding spot for the shrimps and fishes. They are also a great breeding ground for the fishes like Betta, which always look for hideout within the dense foliage. It gives shelter and security to fry which enables their survival and growth. 


Caring for Red Aquarium Plants Made Easy

Taking care of these captivating red aquarium plants is a must to keep them looking their best. Here's how:

1. Give Them Light

To keep their vibrant colors, these plants need good lighting. Make sure they get medium to bright light for the best growth.

2. Feed the Soil

These plants need nutrients in their "soil." Use a substrate with lots of nutrients, especially one with iron, to make their red color pop.

3. Add CO2

If you want these plants to grow strong, consider adding CO2 to the water. It helps them bloom and keeps pesky algae away.

4. Feed Them

Just like plants outside the water, these need food too. Use plant fertilizers to give them the nutrients they might not get from the water.

5. Trim and Tidy

Keep your plants healthy by trimming them regularly. This helps them grow well and keeps them from overcrowding the tank.

Red aquarium plants are nature's gift to aquarists, giving a sophisticated touch to the underwater landscapes. It ignites joy and tranquility and it makes them a must-have for any aquascape enthusiast.


By giving your red plants the care they deserve, you can enjoy the mesmerizing color of these aquatic plants that wows everyone who sees it.



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