Top 3 Must-Haves in Your Shrimp Tank:


Let's dive right in and explore these top three must-haves for every shrimp tank.

Floating Plants


Coming in at number One on our list are floating plants. Floating plants serve multiple purposes in your shrimp tank. They provide a safe space for baby shrimp, help purify the water, and remove nitrates, contributing to the overall health and well-being of your shrimp. Whether you choose red root floaters, mini nobilis, riccia fluitans, or even duckweed, these plants are essential to maintaining high water quality and a thriving shrimp population.


At number two, we have driftwood. Driftwood like the Malaysian Driftwood, is an excellent addition to any shrimp tank. It releases tannins and humic acid into the water, promoting the health and growth of your shrimp. As the driftwood breaks down, it creates microflora and microfauna that both adult and baby shrimp can feed on. Driftwood plays a crucial role in creating a thriving ecosystem in your tank.



And now, for the most critical element in your shrimp tank, the number three must-have – moss. Moss provides an excellent hiding place for baby shrimp and a perfect space for microflora and microfauna to grow and thrive. It also helps remove nitrates from your aquarium. Whether you opt for Java moss, Christmas moss, Subwassertang, or any other type of moss, it's an absolute necessity in any shrimp tank. Moss not only enhances the tank's aesthetics but also serves as an engaging playground for your shrimp.

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