What is Self-Sustaining Fish Tank

What is Self-Sustaining Fish Tank?


For individuals who adore having aquariums but lack the time to keep them up, self-sustaining tanks are a blessing. We are all aware that maintaining fish requires a lot of time. A fish tank cannot be left unattended since ultimately all the fish will perish. The plants will begin to decompose, and the tank will begin to smell bad.

If you own a normal aquarium, you must regularly clean it. Additionally, you must replace its water and other components regularly. To avoid disturbing the tank's ecosystem and putting the fish under stress, it is crucial to carry out all of these tasks with extreme care.

Few people considered these cleaning and replacement rituals to be very fascinating, even though everyone enjoys watching their fish swim in the tank in good health. Because of this, experts have come up with a few easy-to-use and long-lasting solutions that make keeping fish less of a hassle.

Self-Sustaining Fish Tank 

A self-sustaining tank is capable of cleaning itself. Does this sound like a dream to you? The fish and live plants in a self-sustaining tank are set up in such a way and with such fish that they create a self-sustaining food chain and care for one another at the same time. Additionally, you don't need to clean the substrate as frequently or change the water more frequently. All of this keeps the fish from experiencing significant stress.


Advantages of a Self-sustaining Fish Tank


  1. It enables you to spend less time and effort maintaining the fish tank.
  2. It makes the tank's interior a sustainable environment.
  3. It protects fish against stress brought on by water fluctuations.
  4. It provides a tank inside with a healthier natural environment.
  5. It assures you have sufficient time for other initiatives.
  6. You don't have to be concerned about your fish while you travel.


A self-sustaining tank's concept must be supported by the fish in addition to these. You must determine how much of a contribution it can make to substrate cleaning, tank cleaning, and making the tank appropriate to go for several days without a water change. For instance, certain bottom-feeder fish are terrific cleaners in addition to having amazing looks. Some consume algae as well, keeping the aquarium looking neat and orderly.

Best Species to Keep in a Self-Sustaining Fish Tank

Here are some of the best species to keep in a self-sustaining fish tank, along with their names. These fish species are versatile and generally compatible.

  1. Mollies: Mollies have lovely colors and look great in aquariums. They are extremely sociable and can adapt quickly, making them an excellent addition to a self-sustaining tank. The nicest aspect is that they are not at all aggressive and like quietly interacting with other tankmates.
  2. Hoplo catfish—Because they live on the bottom, they are very helpful in keeping the tank clean and the substrate clear of algae.
  3. Red-finned tetra Bloodfin tetra - is easy to care for and like socializing with other fish. One of the greatest fish species for communal aquariums, according to experts.
  4. Platies - These  are naturally calm and unreactive, except for unusual or extreme circumstances. Additionally, platies come in a variety of colors and are simple to maintain. They are a fantastic option for an independent tank.
  5. Neon Tetras - Like other tetras, neon tetras enjoy congregating in groups, making them ideal for community tanks. Because they live longer and have bright colors, they are a good choice for any aquarium.


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