What to Feed Snails


Snails help clean the ecosystem in aquariums with other species by eating uneaten food, but they may live just as well in a snail-only tank. You'll need to supply somewhat more food than usual while maintaining snails in an aquarium without fish. Snails may consume water plants, algae, fruits and vegetables, and fish food.


Snail Food from the Store

Bottom-feeding fish food, such as sinking shrimp pellets, should be OK for your snails. Snails can only be fed when the food is submerged and not floating, as the fish are going to consume it. Snail tablets and wafers that stick to the tank's side are also effective.

Aquarium Plants

Some snails, but not all, will consume live aquatic vegetation. Almost all snails will consume decaying or dead vegetation. Apple snails such as Mystery Snail will devour real plants, so if you want to use these as a food source, you'll need to replenish them frequently.  



You may feed your snails a variety of fruits. Grapes, melon, pumpkin, cucumber, apples, and pears are easy for your snails to consume and keep up nicely in your tank. Avoid feeding fruit with high acid like citrus and tomatoes to your snails. Always properly wash and dry fruit since pesticides and your water supply contain chemicals that are detrimental to them. The safest alternative is to wash your snail food in dechlorinated water, which has been left out overnight to let the chlorine dissipate. Peeling the fruit makes it easier for your snails to consume and removes any contaminants that may be on the outside of it.


Snails rely heavily on algae for nourishment. Even if there are no fish in your tank, algae will develop on its own. More algae will form on the tank walls, gravel, decorations, and plants as the light in your tank increases and the water temperature rises. Mystery snails frequently consume algae but they do not munch the plants themselves.


Snails like eating a variety of vegetables. Snap peas, carrots, lettuce, and other leafy greens are OK. Before feeding extremely firm veggies to your snails, blanch and chill them. Vegetables must be cleaned, peeled, and cut into smaller pieces. Attaching your fruit to the tank's side with a clip makes it easy for these slow-moving critters to eat.  


How to Care for a Snail-Only Tank

If you have a snail-only tank, the amount of food you give to them is not as much as you give to snails living with fish. So it is highly advisable to give these snails an ample amount of food before it spoils. When feeding vegetables, start small and see how quickly your snails devour the fresh delicacies.


A tank with only a few snails will take a long time to consume a large amount of product, especially if plants and algae are available. If you have numerous snails in the tank, attach your produce in various positions around the tank so the snails may get it from different angles.

How frequently do you feed your aquarium snails?

Some snail experts suggest feeding twice a day, for as much food as they can consume in under three minutes.

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