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6 Most Common Rock Decorations in Aquariums


In decorating fish tanks, the use of rocks is important. Aquascaping styles such as Japanese ADA and South American style make use of aquarium rock decorations. In this blog, we will talk about the six most common rock decorations in aquariums.

Qinglong stone
One of the most commonly used aquarium rocks is Qunglong stone. Its surface is weathered on its mountaintop, and its fractures form some irregular patterns with water grinding and flowing streams. It creates an authentic and natural look, and it imitates nature with the help of the grass tank landscape. Its surface was primarily formed due to weathering. Another type of Qinglong stone is a Taihu stone that has multiple holes.

Chopping stone
Chopping stones are appropriate to put in large tanks. These are blue-gray or black-gray in color, with some undulating peaks that really look magnificent in a large tank. 

One of the most common rocks that are being used in an aquarium is pebbles. It is not only used in dry landscaping but also in aquatic landscaping. It is formed in the riverbed with the help of the flowing riverwater, which creates its smooth surface, round shape, and different sizes. The colors vary as well: black, purple, red, yellow, and gray. These also have distinctive patterns, and the majority of these pebble stones are neutral and do not affect the tank quality.

Pine Bark Stone
Pine bark stone is a common aquarium rock that contains many holes that hide a lot of mud. Cleaning a pine bark stone is pretty challenging, so it is recommended to soak it in a bucket of water for a day. And in order to get rid of the mud inside its holes, you can use a high-pressure water sprayer. Don't wash it off too strongly so that it will not fall off. This stone has a little acidity that can affect slightly the quality of the water. 

Wood fossil
Silica fossils, or tree fossils, are commonly known as wood fossils. It comes from a tree that was formed by volcanic eruptions and crustal movement. This kind of stone looks like a tree in outline with some clear rings in brown, tan, black, or gray. It is commonly known to be a precious stone in the world of aquascaping. 

One of the most common ways to stimulate the underwater world is to use corals for decorations. These corals come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. Corals have a certain alkaline level, which is why this is the best choice if there are fish with weak alkalinity, such as peacocks and snappers, in the tank.


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