6 Reasons Why Aquatic Fishes Die


It is somewhat frustrating to feel when your new pet fish dies without reason. Although there are underlying factors that can lead to a fish's death, understanding the causes of their death can help you prevent this tragedy. Here are the reasons why aquatic fish die:. 

1. It is rare to find a fish die inside a tank, but the most common reason they die is due to New Tank Syndrome. If you are unaware of this, a tank has to be developed with appropriate chemistry or parameters before introducing a new pet fish into it. When unnoticed, high nitrate and ammonium levels in the water can kill them. A natural bacterial growth may help balance these contaminants, but unless it is achieved, it can kill your fish. 

2. As mentioned above, it is important to carefully balance the tank before introducing any fish. This goes the same with adding new water to the tank. Rapid water changes can overwhelm your pet fish, which will lead to shock and death. Replacing water should be done occasionally and slowly. You can do this by adding a small amount of new water one at a time with a 2–3-day interval until you reach the desired amount. 

3. Again, we are talking about the water, and this time let us talk about the water quality. Water quality is the number one component of the fish's health. However, many of its parameters should be considered, such as pH levels, salinity, filtration efficiency, and nutrients. When any of these parameters go wrong, then it could harm your fish.

4. A lot of fish can tolerate a range of temperatures in the tank. But getting them to adjust too quickly from low to high or high to low temperatures can harm them. It could be quick and fatal. Make sure to check the tank heater and the LED light to see if your pet fish can dwell at those temperatures. 

5. Overeating can be a serious issue that can lead to your fish's death, especially when they eat spoiled food. In order to prevent this, make sure to feed them small amounts, one at a time.

6. There is nothing more harmful than a fish living in a tank with another sick fish. Sometimes, fish illness is so contagious that it can happen so fast without warning, and this happens when one of your pets is already stressed out or in poor condition. So whenever you purchase a new pet fish, do not add them too soon to your tank. Have them in a separate tank, in quarantine, and see if they can adjust to the tank water before adding them to your fish tank. 


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