Bonsai Driftwood Trees Planting Guide


Aquafy Australia provides rare and organic bonsai plants! This article will offer a quick description of this intriguing product and address some frequently asked concerns about these underwater bonsai plants.


Our naturally occurring, aquarium-safe bonsai driftwood trees are crafted by hand. These underwater trees are made by artisans in a broad range of sizes and styles to suit practically all aquarium tanks. They are the ideal piece of hardscape material to quickly construct an aquascape pattern since they are adaptable, simple to work with, and durable.


Aquatic plant species, including Anubias, Bucephalandra, ferns, and aquatic moss species, go nicely with these underwater bonsai driftwood trees. These water plants are often used to imitate the foliage on real bonsai trees. On the other hand, these bonsai driftwood trees may be used to showcase a variety of plants, both terrestrial and aquatic, including tillandsia, also known as air plants.


If you want to put your bonsai driftwood tree in an aquarium tank, here are some basic facts and maintenance tips:


Driftwood is almost always buoyant! We advise soaking bonsai driftwood trees for as long as possible before putting them in an aquarium. All you need for this is a large bucket; a sink or even a bathtub would suffice. Just immerse the bonsai driftwood tree entirely in the water after adding it. After that, set it and forget it!


You might also decide to boil the wood as an alternative. This promotes the faster release of tannins and sanitizes the wood. Tannin water is not harmful to tank dwellers and is not hazardous, although it will gradually drop pH. The water's well-known black tea hue will make the tannins in the water easy to see.


We often advise changing the water and letting it soak completely. Some hobbyists, though, like tannins found in their water. This mostly depends on personal choice and the kind of fish maintained.


You'll know your bonsai driftwood tree has been completely wet and is prepared for use in an aquarium when it sinks on its own.


It's time to add some aquatic plants after your bonsai driftwood tree is ready for use!


There are no limits on the kind of aquatic plants you may use to decorate your bonsai tree or to provide the leaves for your bonsai tree.



For making the leaves of your underwater bonsai tree, aquatic moss species work fantastically. Various species have various growth patterns, and they may be taught and clipped to get the desired appearance. Aquatic moss is quite resilient and ideal for novices who are new to managing aquatic plants in general or planted tanks in particular. Here are a few well-liked options:


Christmas Moss
Mini Christmas Moss
Marimo Balls
Willow Moss
Flame Moss
Java Moss
Weeping Moss
Peacock Moss
Spikey Moss
Fissidens Fontanus
Fissidens Nobilis

Following suit, Anubias is renowned for its minimal maintenance requirements and stunning leaves. The base of your bonsai tree would greatly benefit from the inclusion of this aquatic plant. Your bonsai driftwood tree aquascape can readily conceal awkward gaps and fissures while also gaining a feeling of maturity. This aquatic plant doesn't need planting in the aquarium substrate since it is an epiphyte. It is simple to fasten to the bonsai tree's higher portions to replicate the appearance of leaves. 


Bucephalandra species require maintenance comparable to Anubias species. This kind of aquatic plant is often resilient and adaptable to a variety of aquarium environments. Bucephalandra, like Anubias, may be used to enhance your underwater bonsai tree either as foliage on the tree or as accents on the base and trunk. Bucephalandra is available in a wide range of options and hues to suit your preferences. 


A fascinating and original method to design an aquascape is using underwater bonsai plants. We really hope that this little tutorial has motivated you to make your own!

Note: Your aquarium and its inhabitants are completely secure from harm by aquarium glue. When damp or wet, super glue is fully inert.

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