Most Common Mistakes New Shrimp Keepers Make (Part 2)

Most Common Mistakes New Shrimp Keepers Make (Part 2)


Last week, we talked about one of the most common mistakes new shrimp keepers make. In this blog, we will have another list of the most common mistakes and some tips on how to avoid them.

5. Overcomplicating the Hobby
Taking care of the aquarium shrimp does not have to be complicated. Even though we see there are several gadgets and devices available on the market, it is not necessary to spend too much money in order to keep a habitat for your shrimp. Simply consider the fundamental needs of the shrimp, such as clean water, proper filtration, and a balanced diet. With these basic needs met, you will be able to enjoy seeing your fresh shrimp grow without facing any fatalities.

6. Fearing Copper

Copper is notable as the number one enemy of the aquarium tank because of its alleged toxicity to aquatic pets such as shrimp and snails. Although it is true that a high level of copper content is toxic to shrimp, a very small amount of this element is present in the water tank and shrimp diet, which is typically safe for them. Do not allow mistaken worries about copper toxicity to hold you back from enjoying your shrimpkeeping journey.

7. Lack of research

Above anything else, the most ignored tip that newbie shrimpkeepers do is not doing any research or studying the basic needs of the shrimp. Conducting a thorough study and taking the time to learn about this species and the water parameters are quite challenging, but they are the most crucial. Being fed with the right information before investing too much in your shrimpkeeping journey will help you prevent the unforeseen loss of shrimp. After all, you may enjoy learning all about the shrimp even before having them on hand. 

Overall, it is such a fascinating activity to take care of aquarium shrimp. It will give you new learnings through observing, discovering, and enjoying. The abovementioned mistakes can be avoided as long as you are careful, determined, and cooperative in order to achieve a healthy shrimp paradise at home. 


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