Root Tabs for Your Aquarium Plants


In aquascaping, it is important to look for the health and vitality of the aquarium plants. Let me introduce to you an efficient and unique technique to give important nutrients right to your plants' roots. This is by using root tabs. Root tabs are nutrient-rich pellets that help boos the plant's growth and development which can give you a lush and colorful aquarium. Today, we will learn how to use the root tabs properly and I will be sharing with you some pointers on how to get the most out of them for your tank plants.


Root tabs are tiny pellets that is full-packed with nutrients that are directly inserted to your aquarium's substrate. This pellet-like tablets are made of top mineralized soil. This red clay has all the important macronutrients for the tank plants such as iron, carbon, and phosphate. Micronutrients are also found in some root tablets. There is nothing to worry about putting it onto the substrate as it is water-soluble.  


Methods of Applying Root Tabs


There are two ways to fertilize your tank. First method is through Water Column Dosing. This is the direct dosing of the fertilizer in the water using a liquid fertilizer. The other method is Rood Fertilization. This is using the substrate-based that comes in a solid form such as this, Root Tabs. Any of these two works effectively to your plants.

When your plant's root system is not yet fully-developed, Water Column Dosing using a liquid fertilizer is the best choice. Because the water column is exposed to all the plants inside, mature plants will take what they require first. That is the reason you should look out for the frequent and constant dosing so that the fertilizer contents can be properly measured.

What Aquarium Plants Require Root Tabs?

Even though root tabs are necessary, not all plants need them. The absorption of the plants differ according to their species. There are plants that consumes the nutrients straight from the water while other plants take it from the substrates like clay pebbles, sand, and soil.

Root tabs is a perfect choice for the aquarium plants that absorb nutrients from the soil. This type of fertilizer works best to carpeting plants, sword plants, tuber and bulb plants and stem plants. Floating plants such as duckweed and pothos do not require root tabs but rather they need liquid fertilizer.


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