Are Fertilizers Safe for Shrimps?

Are Fertilizers Safe for Shrimps?


Fertilizers can be beneficial to the freshwater shrimps, even though it is not that really much need like the aquarium plants do. As we all know, the fertilizers are commonly used to supply essential vitamins not just only to a typical ground-planted plants, but to the aquatic ones as well. This will greatly help the development and general health of the aquarium plants that will lead to a more stable, natural habitat for the freshwater shrimps. 

Facts About Freshwater Shrimps

First things first, know the following facts about freshwater shrimp:


1. Freshwater shrimp are very sensitive to sudden changes, so it is important to protect them against abrupt adjustments in water conditions. Apply plant fertilizer, medicines, additives, and vitamins with caution. Avoid high dosage of copper as well, as it can be deadly to freshwater shrimp.
2. Freshwater Shrimp may be hostile toward other species of shrimps or tiny breeds of fish, but they are also sensitive to other larger tankmates. Check with us here at Aquafy for any compatibility concerns before you place your order.


Benefits of Healthy Plants to Shrimps


If an aquarium tank is healthy and well-balanced, shrimps will also benefit from it. The following are the advantages:

Oxygen Release: Aquatic plants release oxygen during photosynthesis, which benefits both the plants and the freshwater shrimp.

Filtration: Aquarium plants also function as as natural filters, that reduces the waste chemicals such as nitrates and phosphates produced by the shrimp's dirt.

Hiding places: Healthy aquatic plants become a safe, hiding place for the shrimps. The shrimps may hide under dense plant growth, lowering the stress and boosting their sense of security.

Biofilm growth: Some shrimp species feed on biofilm that naturally forms on plant surfaces, adding a complement to their diet.

As what I have mentioned earlier, adding fertilizers may not be necessary for them to grow, it will contribute to the general health of the aquarium environment. When the aquatic plants are healthy, it will help the freshwater shrimps to dwell in a richer, more stable environment. However, it is important to know that overdosing the tank with fertilizers will lead to excess nutrients which will be a favorite meal for the algae, that will result to greater harm for both plants and shrimps.

So, if you are looking for a fertilizer that is safe for your shrimps, then this LCA Dry 'Shrimp Safe' All In One PreMix is the best choice. No more fussing with other multiple solutions. Our All In One Pre Mix combines all the necessary nutrients in a single product, simplifying your plant care routine and saving you time and effort. 

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