Simple Tips in Setting Up Beginner-Friendly Tank


f you are new to aquascaping and are wondering how to keep the plants alive, you are not alone. In this blog post, we will share with you some basic tips and tricks for setting up a 20-gallon aquarium with these newbie-friendly plants.

1. Avoid non-aquatic plants.
If you pursue the aqascaping journey, you should avoid putting on artificial plants. Conduct research when choosing a live aquatic plant to know the basic care requirements to make sure that they grow underwater. Here at Aquafy, we offer different kinds of aquatic plants that are suitable for beginners.

2. Diversify your plant selection.
Instead of growing one single species of plant, you can try different varieties of beginner-friendly plants. This way, you can tell which plants grow well in your particular tank setup and water conditions.
Experiment with a variety of beginner-friendly plants rather than sticking to a single species. This approach allows you to observe which plants thrive in your specific water conditions and tank setup.

3. Invest in a Plentiful Plant Mass
To fight the algae growth, make a goal for a large and healthy-growing mass of plants in the tank. It may seem expensive at first, but it is effective when you target the algae. You can consider starting with diverse choices of plants, which you can find in our shop.

4. Planting stem plants Strategically
Plants with and without roots should not be rushed into planting them directly in the substrate. Allow them to grow roots first by letting them float at the top of the aquarium. Once the stems have developed and you see small roots sprouting, then that is the perfect time to plant them on the substrate.

5. To avoid unwanted bacteria in your aquarium, before you even plant your newly-bought plants in your tank, make sure that you quarantine the tanks first. This will help you control the unwanted pests and, at the same time, can serve as a great environment for beneficial organisms.


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