What Are the Advantages of Putting Livestock in Aquariums?

What Are the Advantages of Putting Livestock in Aquariums?


Whether you are an expert or a newbie in aquascaping, you may have heard about the advantages of including aquatic pets in aquariums. Aquafy offers a diverse range of aquatic plants and animals in Australia. We've compiled a list of the top reasons why you should acquire livestock to improve your aquarium. Read on!

1. Consume Algae

Some aquascaping specialists believe that growing algae in tanks might help reduce hazardous nitrogen levels. However, their green mold-like look may be rather unattractive. Furthermore, algae prevents plants from growing well. High amounts of brightness can lead to fast algae development.

There are several strategies to prevent algae growth, including not overfeeding animals, cleaning the filter, and decreasing the lighting intensity. You'll be pleased to learn that introducing animals has the added benefit of removing algae. One of the better examples is the Nerite snail.

Nerite snails are little freshwater snails that eat algae from aquatic plants, glass, and even ornaments. They devour several types of algae, including diatoms and bryopsis. If you buy Nerite snails, one animal per five to ten gallons will suffice to reduce unwanted algae development.

2. Improves The Aquarium's Aesthetic Appeal.

With all of the benefits that introducing animals to aquariums may provide, the most popular is the increased visual appeal. There are several aquatic species, each with its own distinct color, shape, size, and texture.

Apple snails, for example, have a gorgeous, bright orange shell that pairs well with many water plants, pebbles, and decorations. Adding a few of these organisms will not only help you consume algae but will also make your aquarium seem more colorful. In contrast, Nerite snails have a striking black and gold striping pattern. This might be the ideal livestock kind for adding a touch of slickness to your aquarium.

3. Most livestock are easy to care for.

Now that you understand the benefits of introducing pets you may be asking how to care for them. Fortunately, most species are easy to care for. This is great for aquascaping beginners as well as enthusiasts who handle difficult-to-care-for aquatic plants.

For example, the Amano shrimp does not need to eat frequently since it feeds on algae such as hair algae, brush algae, and the majority of string algae. Its diet may be supplemented with vegetables, including cucumber, squash, zucchini, and spinach.

4. Therapeutic Benefits

According to research, glancing at an empty aquarium lowered heart rate by 3%, whereas a tank containing animals resulted in a 7% drop. If you have high blood pressure or other cardiac problems, caring for animals at home might be beneficial.

Looking at an aquarium loaded with snails and shrimps is relaxing for the eyes. It adds a sense of nature and calm to your house, which may considerably lower stress levels. This will be especially useful if the aquarium is situated in high-pressure locations, like offices.

A livestock aquarium can also help to relieve pain and anxiety. The same study found that participants felt less pain throughout therapy. Many people who are unable to sleep correctly may find that staring at a livestock aquarium helps them relax.

Aside from aquatic plants, decor, and nutrition, try adding a few creatures because they will help enrich your tank. Furthermore, they provide health and wellness advantages. In need of livestock? Check out Aquafy’s selection here. Make only the best choice for your tank today!

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