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Looks great floating in my tank

Beautiful plant!

I ordered this plant to give my tank a pop of colour, and it’s doing a great job. It started green, but it’s turning more red every day, it’s just lovely.

Dwarf Hairgrass
Manh Thong Nguyen

Very good

Riccia Fluitans is one tough plant

I've bought Riccia Fluitans twice from Aquafy and am impressed with how tough and beautiful it is. Its thriving in my low tech tanks. For someone new to keeping aquariums (like me), I recommend it.


Absolutely inlove with my blue shrimp, will be buying more

Marimo Moss Ball
Carlene Kleefman
Very pretty

Very happy with the moss balls

Anubias Nana Petite
Archer Davies

Just as described good shipping and customer service

Ludwigia inclimata var cuba

Plants were a bit flat on arrival but expected due to being posted, was fast postage aswell, otherwise healty plants that bounced back within 24hrs and growing well.
Thanks Aquafy.

Ludwigia Sedoides
Karl Bochow

Ludwigia Sedoides

Great quality

Great quality and quick postage. Thank you

Brenton Huxham
Duck weed

The duckweed came in healthy however I think I might have too many snails because they keep eating it and it's dying but yeah, it's worth the price.

Blue leopard snails

Quick delivery, packaged well, all snails arrived healthy and settled in quickly. 2 weeks later no loses.

Awful. Paid $40 for 4 snails and they turned up in awful condition with calcium deficiency and shell erosion. 2 of them weren't even blue they were brown/pink. None of the snails had visible spots and had awful looking shells. There was even a mosquito larva in the bag which i just find absolutely horrifying. Messaged them and did respond but werent giving us a refund or trying to help and was just saying they will look better, completely ignoring what we were saying and now they havent replied to any messages. DO NOT BUY- waste of money and my time and now i have snails that i paid a lot of money for and thats in the worst condition.

Java Moss
Brenton Huxham
Java Moss

Arrived well, good quality

Snail's all arrived alive

Red Root Floaters
Tina Lonesborough

Red Root Floaters

Plants arrived 14 days late.

First a false tracking number supplied than only after raising a PayPal dispute were plants sent. Java fern two pieces damaged open arrival due to poor packing

Red Root Floaters
Donna Wilson

Red Root Floaters


They give you so much, I don’t even plant it all

Love it, love them! Can watch them all day in their quarantine tank

It was brown when it arrived and is now black I still have hope for it but it doesn’t look good

Red Root Floaters
Chrissy Finch
Cutest little plants!

Very cute, got more than I expected!

Juliana l.
Comes with Bugs?

Was interested in duckweed and purchased one. I wasn’t too sure if it’s safe to put in my tank so I separated it and saw other creature with it not too sure if they are bugs or something else. See the photo and let me know what it is please. They look like black particles.

Rotala "Blood Red"
Liam Dos Reis
Wrong Plant

I ordered Rotala blood red plants and I was given Pink baby tears. I sent you guys an email with the photos of the plants in the original packaging and never got a reply from you guys.
Poor service and customer care.

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